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side plank workout

How a 7 minute workout helps you tone up and burn fat? It’s only the matter of intensity. The idea is to boost up the body metabolism in a short among of time and make it last for the rest of the day. This 7 minutes workout is just an example of a high-intensity circuit training (HICT) workout, a series of exercise perform back to back with a little to no rest in between each move. It has been around for a while and the fat torching, metabolism boosting benefits have been widely lauded.

7 minute fat torching workout

Instead of spending hours jogging and followed by traditional weight lifting, for example, you can do 7 minutes worth of intense push-ups, plank and wall sits for similar energy expenditure. Of course, once your body adapt this 7 minute workout, free feel to perform another round of this circuit. If you would like to challenge yourself, take 60 seconds break in between each round and perform the same circuits 3 rounds.