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Chest exercises instead of a boob job

Most women are not satisfied with the size of their breast size and shape. However a boob job (breast augmentation) is not the only option to obtain firm and perky breasts. You might have bony, flat or even sagging breasts, but before taking drastic measures like going under the knife, try various types of chest exercises first.

How can chest exercises help build firm and perky breasts?

Regular chest workouts can tone up the chest (pectoral) muscles which underly the breast tissue. Once the pectoral and other stabilizers (other muscle groups such as anterior deltoids and triceps) have been strengthened, the breasts will ultimately look and feel firmer. Imagine an invisible bra pulling the breasts closer together to visibly lift and shape breasts, this is what chest exercises will do!

4 Chest Exercises

Decline Push-Ups

Decline Push Up

  1. Elevate feet on a platform
  2. Spread feet slightly apart
  3. Place both hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart or wider
  4. Inhale and bend your elbows to bring your torso near the floor
  5. Push-up back to first position, exhaling as you complete the exercise

Medicine Ball Push-ups

Medicine Ball Push-ups

  1. Lie down in push-up position with one hand on top a medicine ball (see figure above)
  2. Place the opposite hand on the floor
  3. Hands should be positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width
  4. Flex abs
  5. Feet should be shoulder width apart
  6. Complete a push-up
  7. Exhale as you return to first position
  8. Alternate medicine ball and start again

Incline dumbbell chest press

Incline dumbbell chest press

  1. Sit on an incline bench with dumbbells resting on lower thighs
  2. Raise weights to shoulders and lean back. (see figure above)
  3. Bend elbows to 90 degrees and exhale as arms are extended out
  4. Inhale a weights are lowered and arms are back at 90 degrees

Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell Fly

  1. Grasp two dumbbells
  2. Lie down with back against a bench, ground or a stability ball
  3. Support dumbbells above chest with arms fixed in slightly bent position
  4. Open arms out wide and lower until elbows are in line with your shoulders taking three or four counts and inhale
  5. Back to starting position and exhale using the same amount of counts

How to determine what weight to use?
Choose weights that will allow you to perform 12 -15 reps but also burn the last 2 – 3 reps.

Common non-sense
Do chest exercises make your breasts smaller?
Absolutely not!

Do chest exercises make you buff?
Depending on your exercise goals, they can. But the basic exercises introduced above at lower weights will help to firm and tone, not buff up. Women don’t have enough testosterone (growth hormone) in addition to other factors for that to naturally occur so don’t worry ladies! Get started and be on your way to firm and perky boobs the natural way!