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classic move for bigger pecs

Follow every each steps at below to perform this exercise correctly:

  • Lie on to the bench, place the feet flat on the floor
  • Your head and neck should slightly hang over the bench
  • Slightly arch the lower back and contract the lower abs at the same time
  • Grasp the dumbbell with your hands crossed in a diamond shape using your thumbs and pointer fingers (palms should be facing the ceiling)
  • The movement starts with the dumbbell over your chest, elbows slightly bent (do not allow any angle change throughout the entire movement)
  • Inhale deeply and slowly lower the weight backward over your head until the upper arms are in line with the torso, parallel to the floor
  • The weight travels towards the floor
  • Exhale and pull the dumbbell back over your chest, squeezing the chest on the way up
  • Hold for a second, and then repeat the exercise

Focus on the stretch and feel of the movement, 5 – 6 reps for strength, 8 -10 reps for size, 12 – 15 to get lean. If you have a history of shoulder problems, start off with a very light weight, warm your shoulders up or even avoid it altogether.

Here’s a video clip for your reference:

[vsw id=”jw_Oy6fJT2c” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]